Stana Katic + Emojis (insp.)

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Anthony Padilla: Adventures with weird taxi drivers part two

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#how she instinctively rolls into his kiss #he probably teases her while making out #waits until that inevitable moment when she loses her control #can’t stop #just as the kissing starts to escalate he pulls back #makes her work for it #her need for more of him instantly multiplying tenfold as she chases his lips #his smug chuckle turning into a moan when she pins him to the nearest hard surface (via touchedetective)

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To a hundred more.

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MAJOR SPOILERS but holy shit

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30 Day Castle MemeDay Twenty → Favourite Beckett Expression: the look

"Please don’t tell me after four years you don’t actually know the look."

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: favorite female characters → Kate Beckett

Whoever it is you think I am, whatever it is you think you know about me, you have no idea what I’m capable of or how far I will go.

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"She’s armed, he’s dangerous" Castle season 3 promo sizzle

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These two dorks can always make me smile.

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i have never felt so bad for a confused mother

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no but what pisses me off is when parents dont let boys and girls hang out as friends like especially when it comes to sleepovers

like no i dont want his dick in me i want to sit on my floor and throw board game pieces at him when i lose

finally someone said it

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Pizza Spaghetti Casserole 

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john oliver is really not fucking around 

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